Frequently Asked Questions

"The Lord called me from the womb, from the body of my mother he named my name"

Isaiah 49:1

It's straight forward. Simply share your basic info with us, or text us at (248) 431-1440, and we'll connect you with an experienced Catholic/Christian service provider.

This service provider is happy to get new business. When the sale is completed, this allows St. Anthony Services to donate 10% of the profits to Mater Filius Catholic Maternity Home.

Saint Anthony Services is a great way to not only get a superb service provider, but also to help a mother in need at no cost to you!

No! Your service provider charges their customary rate. St. Anthony Services then tithes 10% of our profits to Mater Filius Catholic Maternity Home. The benefit to this home for expectant mothers is priceless!


We have been connecting Faith-based customers with experienced, professional Catholic/Christian service providers for over 26 years. You will get a service provider with a proven track-record.

Provided you haven’t called the service provider, Saint Anthony Services will contact the vendor and start the process.

In order for the process to benefit Mater Filius Catholic Maternity Home, Saint Anthony Services needs to chat with your service provider first.

The purpose of Saint Anthony Services is to connect you with Catholic service providers who share your Faith and values, and to help the efforts of Mater Filius Catholic Maternity Home.

Our nationwide service provider network knows we are Christian and ProLife, and they embrace our mission. However, their primary mission is to provide you with excellent service.

If you have additional questions please Contact Us or text (248) 431-1440. We keep your information private and secure.

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